[lucida] LucidaBrightMath OT

Graeme R Forbes graeme.forbes at colorado.edu
Sat Mar 26 03:01:50 CET 2022

Does anyone have experience using LucidaBrightMath OT in InDesign (0 hits for “InDesign" in the archives)?

To use an OT font in InDesign, you usually have to use the glyph palette to access characters beyond the standard ones. Some of these glyphs (defaults) will have a small black arrow in the bottom right of their palette squares. If you click and hold on the arrow, a subpalette of glyphs alternate to the default should pop up. The alternates are also displayed in the main palette, but clicking on them directly only enters the related default character into your document — you *have* to go thro’ the subpalette. (Tho’ if you click directly on the alternate it will appear in the “recently used” strip at the top of the main palette — weird). 

I’ve no idea why this indirect method of getting to the alternates is required — it just seems to be another aspect of the unmanageability of OT fonts. But it works ok in other OT fonts I have, like Stix2 and Minion Pro. But I really really need it to work for LucidaBrightMath OT, and of course it doesn't. You can hold on the triangle or the alternate glyph as long as you like, and nothing happens.


Graeme Forbes

(Direct replies appreciated — I’m having trouble accessing the Members’ Area)

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