[lucida] Lucida OT equality symbol looks faint in Adobe Acrobat

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 13 00:42:17 CEST 2022

    In LucidaBrightOT:
    In LucidaBrightOT-Math:

Thanks. It is puzzling. The math definition is apparently only drawing
two lines (one by each callsubr), so the thickness of the line is
presumably getting defined somewhere else. And that "somewhere else" is
probably what Acrobat doesn't like.

The text definition is drawing four lines. Or is it drawing two lines on
top of each other? I need to draw out the coordinates to see, but that's
not going to happen.

rmoveto is "relative move to", meaning moving the given coordinates from
the current point, similar for the others: relative vertical move,
relative horizontal line. The operators are explained in the OT or Type1
manuals. Nothing complex is going on.

There seem to be extra coordinates in the subroutine, and an extra "230"
at the beginning of the text edfiniton, but they must be used
somehow/somewhere. Just can't delve into it now.

Does the same problem happen with the (ASCII) dash? The zero? Anything
else? --thanks,karl.

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