[lucida] ccedilla updated for Type1 LucidaBrightSmallcaps-Demi

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 27 19:55:52 CET 2020

With permission of Bigelow&Holmes, and many thanks to Michael Sharpe for
FontForge-fu, I've updated the Type 1 font lbdsc.pfb to have the correct
smallcaps "c" base character, instead of the regular demi lowercase c,
the bug originally reported by Pedro Carneiro (thanks again Pedro).
I'll add a note to https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/575868.

No other characters are changed.

I also updated the affected metrics files:
  hlhbc8t.tfm hlhbc8t.vf
  hlhbc9d.vf hlhbc9d.tfm
The metrics for all other characters are unchanged. Due to the
limitation of TFM format to 16 heights and 16 depths, the metrics for
the new character are not exactly the same in all these files, nor do
they exactly match the "true" metrics of the character. The tiny
discrepancies are not normally discernible, as usual with TFM rounding.

Both TUG's Type 1 distribution (in current and older forms), and the
combined OpenType + Type1 distribution, are updated. The version of the
new font is 1.004.

For completeness: a few minor documentation tweaks came along for the
ride, and the old "blurbs" from B&H about using the different Lucida
variants are now included in the OT distribution as
doc/fonts/lucidaot/lucida-notes.txt. I'll also attach them here for
anyone interested (maybe I'll put them on the web site at some point).

There is no reason to bother downloading or using the updated
distribution(s) unless you actually want to typeset a
Lucida Bright Smallcaps Demi c-cedilla :).

Hope it flies,

P.S. I've also passed the modified files to PCTeX and hope they will
update their distribution soon. I also offered to update the metric
files on CTAN (created by Walter Schmidt), but I expect they will need
some time to reply.

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