[lucida] need to manually specify bold/italic fonts with current fontspec

Calum Mackay calum.mackay at cdmnet.org
Tue Jan 22 18:55:38 CET 2019

Just to confirm:

$ kpsewhich lucidabrightot.fontspec

for the wider audience, John Lienhard noted:

> - The name of the .fontspec file and the optional argument of \defaultfontfeatures must use the same lettercase. So if it's
> 	\defaultfontfeatures[LucidaBrightOT]
> then the file name should be
> 	LucidaBrightOT.fontspec

and ditto for the \setmainfont etc calls, which might explain why the 
fontspec file isn't being read, for me.

I've yet to test that myself, which I'll try to get to later tonight.


On 21/01/2019 11:53 pm, Karl Berry wrote:
>      \setmainfont{LucidaBrightOT}
> Does kpsewhich lucidabrightot.fontspec give you anything?
> I don't see that file being read in your log. If it's not being read,
> all is hopeless as far as automatic filename finding goes.
> I suspect that your run is still doing system font name lookups,
> hence the bold breakage. (I don't know how to solve that or who is
> maintaining luaotfload these days.)
> I can't imagine why being on a mac per se should make a difference.
> For me, both xelatex and luatex are finding the .fontspec.
> I hope Will make a new fontspec release soon to ameliorate at least some
> of these discrepancies. -k

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