[lucida] Dec 2015 TUG news: new Lucida DK fonts and other Lucida updates

TeX Users Group tug-news at tug.org
Thu Dec 31 00:22:31 CET 2015

Hello TeX users,

One bit of news about Lucida: Bigelow&Holmes have created new variants
of the Lucida Grande Mono and Lucida Console monospaced fonts, dubbed
"DK" for Don Knuth, who inspired the new designs.  They are available on
their own to TUG members, or as part of the entire TUG Lucida font set
to anyone.

The DK fonts have "squarish" forms of the capital letter O, making it
less confusable with the numeral 0. For consistency, the capital Q and
related glyphs with accents were also redesigned.  They also inherit
Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, among other features, from their parent
fonts.  More background and ordering info:

The other Lucida OpenType fonts distributed by TUG have also had some
small updates, available at no charge to past customers (just
re-download your chosen distribution per the original receipt email):

The Lucida Type 1 fonts have not been changed.  We now offer the
OpenType and Type 1 fonts together, for both individual and site
licensees, at only a nominal extra cost compared to the previous
price of either format on its own:

Happy new (CE) year to all from TUG!

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