Lucida OpenType font set

The Lucida font set available in OpenType format from TUG contains the roman Lucida Bright (with small caps), Lucida Typewriter (both sans and roman), the extra-heavy Lucida Fax, blackletter, calligraphic, and casual variations, and the Lucida mathematical fonts. (A slightly different set of Lucida fonts is available in Type 1 format.)

Only Latin-based scripts are included in this release; most such western European and eastern European languages are supported. There is no support for (for example) Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, or ideographic scripts. We hope to release additional families and extended Unicode coverage in the future.

Ordering and availability

To order, please use this online order form for the Lucida fonts, and thanks for supporting TUG.

Documentation and samples

Sample documents using Lucida are available, including a listing of the supported OpenType features and examples of the math fonts. The image below shows a few characters from each font.

Our OpenType font installation instructions are online if you don't have our welcome email handy.

A very terse description of changes between the occasional updates to the fonts is available.

Lucida OpenType font list





    showing of OpenType Lucida fonts

More comprehensively, PDF files showing all the glyphs in the math fonts, arranged by block, are available: Lucida OpenType Math by block and Lucida OpenType Math-Demi by block. The B&H web site also has samples of Lucida math glyphs (not to mention extensive information of all kinds about Lucida).

If you are especially interested in having specific glyphs or scripts or Unicode blocks added in the future, please email us. No promises, but requests do make a difference.

TUG gratefully acknowledges Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes for their enthusiasm in enhancing their magnum opus, Mojca Miklavec and Hans Hagen for originally promulgating the Lucida OpenType project, Khaled Hosny for doing the technical work, and additional volunteers for testing, suggestions, and advice: Taco Hoekwater, Bogusław Jackowski, Will Robertson, Michael Sharpe, and Ulrik Vieth. Thanks also to our stalwart beta testers and reviewers: Barbara Beeton and Stephen Moye at the AMS, Axel Retif, and Steve Peter.

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