[lucida] Best header definitions?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Dec 31 00:04:48 CET 2015

The OpenType fonts don't have all the variations of the Type 1 Lucida,
let alone everything defined by Unicode.  I don't remember ever
discussing variant g's or upright math.  Maybe I'm just forgetting.

All the currently provided OT features are described in lucidaot.tex.
unicode-math's RawFeature can be used to turn them on and off.  That is
what I do for that documentation itself.  I am committed to never
changing those ss numbers, and something as basic as RawFeature is not
going to change in unicode-math, either.  So there's no problem with
that approach.

I've resisted providing a .sty for OT Lucida precisely because of
fontspec/unicode-math variations over the years, as Bruno mentions, and
also because different users want different things.  For example,
there's nothing magic about Scale=.92.

Being a long-time TeX user who wants reproducible runs, I also greatly
dislike using system font lookups and don't much want to recommend them
-- but I know that in practice they work better for some people.
Unfortunately, XeTeX/fontspec effectively treated filename lookups as
second-class citizens for many years.  This is where the .fontspec files
come in.

Anyway, if people think it would be useful, in addition to the
lucidaot.tex source, I don't mind providing Shay's .sty, or whatever
variation(s), on the web site.  As long as it was understood that it's
not feasible to make them work for all possible installations.


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