[lucida] Lucida OpenType installation problem

Robert Almgren almgren at cims.nyu.edu
Wed Jul 2 21:47:31 CEST 2014

On Jul 1, 2014, at 6:02 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Ordinarily it should not be necessary to do any updates.  Unfortunately, there was a bug in one of the opentype-related font packages at the time of the TL'14 release that we could only get fixed afterwards.  (I didn't realize it broke the Lucida sample document.)

Thanks very much. Perhaps I can ask you one other question. The "lucidaot.tex" document (which I can now compile) says in "4.2 Loading Lucida in LaTeX"

  "When specifying OpenType fonts by filename (though not
   with system font lookups), it is currently necessary to
   explicitly (and laboriously) specify the italic, bold,
   and bold italic file names. This will likely be improved
   in a future release of fontspec."

Is there a timeline for when fontspec would get that improvement? Is there a way that I would know when that happens?

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