[lucida] Arrows in Lucida OpenType

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Sat Feb 22 00:15:02 CET 2014

>>>>> "TC" == Tobias Columbus <tobias.columbus at gmail.com> writes:

TC> I have no idea in which units fontforge displays the distance but
TC> the lower line of "arrowright" lies at height 268 and the lower
TC> line of "minus" lies at height 298.

The type1 version of LucidaNewMath-Symbol has those at 265.
(I used t1disasm to take a look at the hstem calls.)

So this is a significant change from the Type1 fonts, and it looks like
plus and minus were moved up, not that the arrows were moved down.

(Unless of course the baseline was lowered.....)

(I also only bought the type1 set.)

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