[lucida] TeXShop installation of Lucida fonts

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 22 00:46:40 CET 2011

More information-gathering commands to run if need be:

ls -lL /usr/texbin
kpsewhich lucida.map
pdftex --version
echo $PATH
echo ~/Library/texmf  

I wonder if it's somehow about the sudo configuration not being the same
as your user configuration.  In particular, sudo updmap-sys not seeing
~/Library.  Maybe:

sudo bash # enter admin pw, now you'll be in a root shell
updmap-sys --enable Map lucida.map
exit # the root shell

Just an idea.  I doubt it'll work :(.  Clearly updmap-sys needs to be
giving us more information ...

Here's another idea:
  kpsewhich psfonts.map
  kpsewhich pdftex.map

Now open those files in turn.  Does either have any entries for Lucida?
E.g., search for hlcr ...


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