[lucida] Help Please

Mau mvs1952 at yahoo.it
Wed Jan 27 13:23:46 CET 2010

Karl Berry ha scritto:
> Hi Barney,
>     I own your wonderful Lucida fonts package. 
> Thanks for your support.
>     I have had no problems using them with MikTex 2.7. But for reasons I
>     cannot fathom I can NOT get MikTex 2.8 dvips to understand that the
>     fonts are installed.
>     Any help or suggestions would be deeply appreciated. I have tried to
>     get a response from Christian ShencK but it has been months with no
>     answer.


I own Lucida Fonts (from Y&Y when this company was still in business)
which I use with MikTeX 2.6 and 2.7. I have also installed and used
Lucida Fonts on the PORTABLE version of MikTeX 2.8 (USB memory stick)
and it works.

I write in the preamble:


(of course I am using Windows).

I don't remember I had big issues installing and using Lucida on such
version of MikTeX but I do NOT have (yet) any experience about MikTeX
2.8 on a Hard Drive.

I have only tried direct pdf output with pdflatex on MikTeX 2.8

Let me know if you think I might help. Lucida are certainly worth the


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