[lucida] Sans serif math with lucida fonts?

Mau V mvs1952 at yahoo.it
Sun Dec 20 14:48:12 CET 2009


> \usepackage[T1,altbullet,expert,nofontinfo,lucidascale]{lucidabr}

>Oh! I didn't expect that! But with OT1 I get the equation number in Computer Modern. This works better, at least for me:

Yes, that happens to me, too. But what I do usually is:


\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}%% Both encodings!!!!



It seems contradictory but it works!!!!
I cannot justify that, though....


>Don't put the encoding LY1 as an option to lucidabr, but in a separate line, as shown.

This works, too.




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