[lucida] what else?: Installation question

ivo welch ivo.welch at brown.edu
Sun Sep 28 23:25:42 CEST 2008

dear lucida experts:

this is my triannual regular posting on how to install my old lucida
fonts (as I upgraded to texlive 2008).  this time, I thought Karl's old


would avoid my need to beg for advice, but since the lucida support
files link is now broken, I was wrong.  so, please help.

situation (aka, my mess that has grown over the decades):

* brand-new fresh texlive2008

* a whole variety of font-related files, living in directories somewhere
intentionally outside any search path (for now, they are kept separate
in order not to muck things up that are defined in texlive2008).  For
example, they contain afm/bh/lucida/*.afm , tfm/bh/lucida/*.tfm,
type1/bh/lucida/*.pfm and vf/bh/lucida/*.vf .  In a different directory
that has lucida in its path, I have *.fd files and *.mtx files.  etc.   

The crown jewel of my collection are probably the .pfb files, which live
in their own directory.  There are files like

# ls
LucidaBlackletter.pfb                lbc.pfb
LucidaBright-Demi.pfb                lbd.pfb
LucidaBright-DemiItalic.pfb          lbdi.pfb

in addition, in this directory, I have a fontlist.txt file and a
mktfmlink.sh script, which basically does stuff I had to do in the past,
like (ln -s hlcrie8r.tfm lbc.tfm), and fontlist.txt which has lines like


preferably, I would ignore all the things I no longer need, and do an
install from scratch.  unfortunately, the TUG lucida instructions relate
to the TUG font distribution, and I do not know how the TUG font
distribution looks like (i.e., what files are where).

what is the right from-scratch way to install my fonts?

help appreciated.



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