[lucida] Installing Lucida on a Macintosh

Axel E. Retif axretif at igo.com.mx
Wed Jul 25 05:21:53 CEST 2007

On  24 Jul, 2007, at 19:31, Vic Norton wrote:

> Hello all,
> I just signed up for the Lucida list. I'll probably drop out shortly.
> I was trying to figure out how to install the complete Lucida package
> on a Macintosh. Thanks to Gary Gray of the OS X TeX group I have been
> able to install the package successfully.
> Here are the steps that worked for me:
>     1. I downloaded 'lucida-complete.zip'.
>     2. I moved this file to my '~/Library/texmf' directory
>        and changed to this directory in terminal.
>        Then the terminal command
>           unzip lucida-complete.zip
>        put everything in its proper place.
>     3. Now the command
>           sudo mktexlsr ~/Library/texmf

As Peter Dyballa said in the TeX on Mac OS X mailing list, this isn't  
necessary, because TeX always looks first into your $HOME tree,  
without any need for a ls-R database; what's more, now you have an  
unneeded ls-R database in your $HOME tree and it is owned by root  
(because of ``sudo''), if not the whole tree.

>        created the appropriate 'ls-R' file.
>     4. The final command was what I was missing. This is what Gary  
> Gray
>        supplied. I needed the command
>           sudo updmap-sys --enable Map lucida.map

That's what's really needed. It would be nice to have in the Lucida  
web site that simple instruction for Mac and Linux and the equivalent  
for Windows.



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