[lucida] problem with plainTeX using lucida

Axel E. Retif axretif at igo.com.mx
Mon Sep 25 16:57:07 CEST 2006

El 9/25/06 6:23 AM, "Guy Chasse" <guy.chasse at emn.fr> escribió:

> Hello, 
> Is there   some Sample PlainTeX documents using Lucida  ?
> I bought lucida fonts several years ago from Y&Y and  used it with plaintex,
> it was OK. 
> On last june I changed my computer and  I bought the lucida complete   font
> set from TUG. 
> I am only now trying to use these fonts. I think the installation is OK
> because I succeed to compile the Sample LaTeX document  using Lucida and
> obtain right .ps and .pdf files. But I am unable to get something right with a
> PlainTex file. 
> I tried to do like before and  I include (by /input at the beginning of macro
> file) a file called "texnansi.tex" and  a file called "lcdplain.tex" (obtained
> from the Y&Y distribution).
> My source file is "ex1_imp.tex" and "a4luc.tex" is a macro file (calling
> "texnansi.tex" and "lcdplain.tex").
> I get the following answer:


> ea: Running mktextfm lbr


> kpathsea: Running mktexmf lbr
> mktexmf: no pointsize.
> ! I can't find file `lbr'.


Unfortunately, I don't know plain TeX, I must confess. I think I know what
the problem is, though ---the "TeX names" of Lucida start with `` hl ''. Try
this without any input file:

\font\tenrm = hlhr8y%
\font\tenit = hlhri8y%
\font\sc= hlhrc8y%
\let\rm = \tenrm%

\'Esta es una prueba. \it Y aqu\'{\i} en cursivas. \rm Y debe seguir Lucida.

{\sc Desde la antig\"uedad m\'{a}s remota\dots} Y sigue m\'as texto \dots

This works for me. If it does for you, and as you know plain TeX, you could
built up from here.



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