[lucida] Lucida fontset nits

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Nov 26 00:44:47 CET 2006

Hi Volker,

    allow to make the change optional, with new documents using another
    class option if they wish and existing documents being unaffected.

Indeed, new class option(s) could be the best solution.  

    \rightarrow etc are far too small. I use these not only in maths, but

I don't disagree, but I'd like to see a sample document.

    The normal size of the 10pt lucida is blown way overboard 

For sure.  As I understand it, the current lucidabr.dtx already does
some scaling by default:


There's also the lucidasmallscale option which reduces things further.

    Considering lucida is a flagship fontset with few, if any,
    alternatives, I've felt astonished and disappointed.

Don't be astonished (disappointed is hard to argue).  As far I know,
lucidabr.dtx was never maintained by people who got paid to work on it;
Sebastian (Rahtz) and David (Carlisle) created it because they wanted
it.  And it's limped along ever since.

    lucidabr but there's not much point in that unless it gets included by
    the current maintainer(s). 

I guess I am the current maintainer now, not that it is something I can
actively pursue either, as you can see from the lack of releases.  I've
tried to interest a few people in working on it, but it seems no one has
had time to really dive in.  As is clear from the various discussions on
this list, many improvements could be made.

So, I guess the answer for the moment is, I am surely interested in
patches to deal with the kinds of the issues that have been raised.
Documentation would be nice too :).


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