[lucida] Lucida Kerning

Marc Millstone millstone at gmail.com
Tue May 16 18:09:59 CEST 2006

To all:

So after downloading the Lucida family from TUG and just loving it, I have
started to look deeper into the font's properties.  I noticed that there
is absolutely no kerning in combinations such as "To", "T-", "Ko"
etc which I think would be beneficial.  Is this as designed?

I found a post on the OS X tex list from a couple years ago by Bruno
Voisin, (who thankfully led me to buy this font) linking to alternate
metric files for Lucida from Y&Y, however that link is now broken.

So my question, has anyone plyed around kerning Lucida?  I have been
playing with
it with FontForge and have some interesting results, however, I am not certain
if this will go again the originaly design idea of the type and/or
ruin readability.  Also, I have not fully figured out how to make
these changes known to latex, but that is a
different issue.. ;-)

Thanks for your help.

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