[lucida] Lucida Kerning

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri May 19 21:05:44 CEST 2006

Hi Marc,

    is absolutely no kerning in combinations such as "To", "T-", "Ko"
    etc which I think would be beneficial.  Is this as designed?

Lucida has probably existed in thousands of instantiations over the
years.  Which versions have how much kerning is probably pretty random.
I can ask Chuck and Kris about it, for historical interest.

I just checked Lucida Bright and Sans regular (hlsr8y.tfm and
hlhr8y.tfm, if I got the names right) and I see no kerns at all.
Yikes.  I'll have to look at Y&Y's original files to see if they were
dropped, or never existed.  I fear changing the metrics now, though.

    metric files for Lucida from Y&Y, however that link is now broken.

What link, what alternative metrics?  I don't recall seeing anything in
the Y&Y stuff talking about Lucida kerning, though I could have missed it.

    Also, I have not fully figured out how to make
    these changes known to latex

I've often wished there was a TeX-level command to insert kerns into a
font.  Would make a lot of things simpler.


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