[lucida] Getting LaTeX to recognise Lucida

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Jul 5 00:40:02 CEST 2006

    Problems remain: running LaTeX results in .dvi file with no text visible.

Using what dvi program?

Possibly psfonts.map needs the same lucida entries added.

    produces the text in lucida, but with the ' replaced with S with a breve or

That seems strange.  What is the whole input file?

    Will this file be over-written again if I run updmap? 

The file will be overwritten, but existing entries should be preserved.

    And this this the same as updating "Is-R"?

No -- two different things.  Running texhash (aka mktexlsr) is still
needed whenever files are added or moved around.  It's not needed
(though it doesn't hurt) when only the contents of a file have changed.

    Is the behaviour of the update process changeable by changing a
    configuration file, or do I need to update a binary?

What behavior do you want to change?

I don't know which configuration files the Windows binaries pay
attention to, at this point.  There are several which the Unix scripts
read (texmf.cnf, mktex.cnf, mktex.opt, ...), but somehow I had the
impression that the Windows binaries did not read them.  I'm not sure.


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