[lucida] Lucida Bright Narrow?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Wed Apr 19 20:20:26 CEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 10:31 -0700, Peter Schröder wrote:
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > You will want to get the Type 1 version of the font if it is available.
> > Then you will need to use the various tools to create tfm files, map
> > files, fd files, and a style file.
> >   
> What's involved in doing the style file? My first inclination was to 
> take a copy of lucidabr.sty and figure where in there I would put the 
> "names" of the new fonts.
> Do I have to worry about the encodings of various letters? Or is that 
> all standard now?

In my case with Lucida Mono EF (which I use a typewriter font), it is
pretty simple:

\ProvidesPackage{lucimono}[2006/02/25 v.0.1 lucimono (Lucida Mono)

Of course - creating that is actually the last step.
I don't remember all of the steps I took in getting it to work.
I believe first I selected Berry names that weren't already in use, and
used them for the names of the .pfb files. In my case:

lmnb8a.pfb  lmnbi8a.pfb  lmnr8a.pfb  lmnri8a.pfb

lmn is what I used for the font name. I'm not positive that is correct.
The 8a is the encoding.
Then - b for bold, bi for bold italic, r for roman, ri for roman italic.

I used the fontinst documentation (I think texdoc fontinst) to figure
out how to make the tfm and and fd and related files.

I'm sure that if the font had been in the hands of a "font guru" that
the style file may have had some other things in it, but it works for me
- and that's what matters. If there ever are any issues with it, then
I'm guessing I could get help on comp.text.tex. Looking at other style
files (like luximono) it seems that most style files done by "gurus" are
a bit more complex, and probably for font specific issues that I don't
how to check for but haven't seemed to bite me.

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