lucida] Lucida fonts available from TUG

Karl Berry karl at
Sun Dec 11 00:24:23 CET 2005

Hi everyone,

The Lucida fonts are now available through TUG; visit if you're interested.

In short, the "complete set" offered by TUG is exactly the same 41
Lucida fonts which Y&Y sold.  (The pfb's are completely unchanged.)
There is also a "basic set" with 22 fonts -- all the math fonts and the
essential text fonts.  Both individual and site licenses are available.
There is a substantial discount for TUG members.

Due to legal and overhead considerations, we aren't currently planning
to offer the fonts one at a time, or in any other bundles.  Hopefully
the price is low enough that this will not be a significant problem.

The Lucida TeX support metrics and lucidabr (psnfssx) macros have been
(slightly) updated.  They have been uploaded to CTAN and should appear
there in due course.  Of course all the support files are included in
the downloads from tug; they're on CTAN primarily for the benefit of Y&Y
users who already have the fonts.

We have also established a mailing list lucida at for user
questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc.  Please feel free to post
and/or join.

A separate address, lucida-admin at, should be used for licensing,
billing, and other such admin questions.

Font samples, documentation, and more are available on the web site.

Although we still expect to offer a license upgrade for Y&Y users, this
has proven legally complicated, so it's not online quite yet.  I'll post
again when it is ready; it might be a few more weeks, given the holidays
(and lawyers' usual working pace, anyway :).  I didn't want this to
delay making the fonts available, so decided to go ahead.

Major thanks to Chuck Bigelow and Kris Holmes for generously allowing
TUG to offer this to the TeX community - and especially for designing
this remarkable typeface in the first place.  Also thanks to Walter
Schmidt for creating and updating the TeX font support files, PCTeX for
sponsoring him and allowing his work to be redistributed, and to Morten
Hoegholm for working on the samples and other TeXnical help.

Happy Lucida holidays,

(R) Lucida is a trademark of Bigelow & Holmes Inc. registered in the
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and other jurisdictions.

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