[luatex] Ligatures

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Fri Mar 19 10:21:33 CET 2021

I asked a question on the XeTeX list concerning support for coloured 
fonts yesterday, and it was suggested that LuaTeX might provide a 
solution to my problem.  Indeed it does, but it introduces a new one — 
while LuaTeX appears perfectly happy to form (for example) an "fi" 
ligature from the separate letters "f" & "i" in the font Minion Pro, it 
does not do the same with the font Adobe Caslon Pro, whether or not 
"+liga"and/or "+dlig" is specified, nor with the font Garamond and 
probably others.  The following is my test-bed, which produces correct 
ligatures using XeTeX but not using LuaTeX or LuaHbTeX.  Can anyone 
advise, please ?  UNIV: TeX Live 2021 (pre-test), Windows 7 64-bit.

/Philip Taylor
\ifcsname directlua\endcsname \input luaotfload.sty \fi

\font \bodyfont = "Minion Pro"

\centerline {\bodyfont Minion is a fit subject}

\font \bodyfont = "Adobe Caslon Pro"

\centerline {\bodyfont Caslon is a fit subject}

\font \bodyfont = "Adobe Caslon Pro:+liga;+dlig"

\centerline {\bodyfont Caslon is a fit subject}


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