[luatex] Another REPL

Eduardo Ochs eduardoochs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 02:54:46 CET 2021

Hi list,

Here is another REPL:


It was also inspired by Rob Hoelz's lua-repl - as the one that Robert
Krug announced a few hours ago in this other thread,


but mine is a rewrite from scratch. One way to test it (ta-da: without
git!) is this:

  rm -Rfv /tmp/edrxrepl
  mkdir   /tmp/edrxrepl/
  cd      /tmp/edrxrepl/
  wget http://angg.twu.net/edrxrepl/edrxrepl.lua
  wget http://angg.twu.net/edrxrepl/edrxrepltest.tex
  lualatex edrxrepltest.tex

Here is a slightly edited transcript of a session:

  /tmp/edrxrepl(edrx:sc)# lualatex edrxrepltest.tex
  This is LuaTeX, Version 1.10.0 (TeX Live 2019)
   restricted system commands enabled.
  LaTeX2e <2020-02-02> patch level 5
  (some lines deleted...)

  Run REPL.stop = 1 to leave the REPL.
  >>> mt = function (s) tok = token.create(s); print(tok) end
  >>> ma = function (s) print(token.get_macro(s)) end
  >>> me = function (s) print(token.get_meaning(s)) end
  >>> ma "break"
  \protect \break
  >>> me "break"
  ->\protect \break
  >>> ma "section"
  \@startsection {section}{1}{\z@ }{-3.5ex \@plus -1ex \@minus
  -.2ex}{2.3ex \@plus .2ex}{\normalfont \Large \bfseries }
  >>> ma "@startsection"
  \if at noskipsec \leavevmode \fi \@tempskipa #4\relax \@afterindenttrue
  \ifdim \@tempskipa <\z@ \@tempskipa -\@tempskipa \@afterindentfalse
  \fi \if at nobreak \everypar {}\else \addpenalty \@secpenalty \addvspace
  \@tempskipa \fi \@ifstar {\@ssect {#3}{#4}{#5}{#6}}{\@dblarg {\@sect
  >>> os.exit()

I've been using Emacs and eev to script REPL sessions, more of less
like this,


but I still find many things very hard to discover. It would be great
if other people could share their workflows for using REPLs in

    Eduardo Ochs

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