[luatex] how many bytes for fontdimens?

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Thu Aug 5 10:01:18 CEST 2021

> Le 5 août 2021 à 09:50, jfbu <jfbu at free.fr> a écrit :
> % pdftex
> with (total): 5.34964pt
> without (total): 5.45686pt
> with minus without: -0.10722pt
> with (total): 5.55394pt
> without (total): 5.61536pt
> with minus without: -0.06142pt
> with (total): 5.35501pt
> without (total): 5.3827pt
> with minus without: -0.0277pt
> % luatex
> with (total): 6.08586pt
> without (total): 6.30107pt
> with minus without: -0.21521pt
> with (total): 6.06969pt
> without (total): 6.35312pt
> with minus without: -0.28343pt
> with (total): 6.11238pt
> without (total): 6.37778pt
> with minus without: -0.2654pt

I had accidentally TEXMFCNF set in my environment (from previous tests).

Testing some more with this environment variable of TeXLive unset, I
get completely different results.

% pdftex
with (total): 5.46095pt
without (total): 5.43422pt
with minus without: 0.02673pt

% luatex
with (total): 6.10898pt
without (total): 6.03908pt
with minus without: 0.0699pt

And re-setting it (to "$(pwd)") I reproduce again typically the above results...

i.e. with TEXMFCNF set its is advantageous to use \romannumeral,
both with pdftex and with luatex.

with TEXMFCNF not set, it is disadvantageous...

... that’s highly baffling to me !

I repeated quite a few times to make sure timings are consistent,
it seems with luatex it is, with pdftex less so 

ok, I don’t want to induce people to lose time on ill-conceived test

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