[luatex] how many bytes for fontdimens?

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Tue Aug 3 20:57:54 CEST 2021

> Le 3 août 2021 à 19:10, Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl> a écrit :
> but 1350 pages for 999.999.999 is not that bad because here 10.000.000 in 12 columns and an 8pt monospaced font takes 955 pages and indeed some runtime (using context that is, latex is supposed to be faster)

Hi, only to clarify I have wrongly mentioned 999,999,999 in place of ...much much smaller 10,000,000. 

It is for primes < 10,000,000 that my LaTeX multicols template produced a pdf of 1357 pages, 10 columns per page, primes from top to bottom.

(and in a private mail to you I said 100,000,000 which was again wrong, sorry for all the confusion...)

The pages are produced at a rythme of about 20 pages per second on my machine.

I launched it for 999,999,999 but CTRL-Ced it after about 16,000 pages, realizing that it would grow to probably about 100,000 pages and take for this more than one hour (this is only typesetting phase, producing a text file with the primes took about 10mns).

[16813] [16814] [16815] [16816] [16817] [16818^C]
! Interruption.
<argument> ...hipout_box \__shipout_drop_firstpage_specials: 
                                                  \set at typeset@protect \hook...

l.8240836 1
? X
 68117 words of node memory still in use:
   1021 hlist, 14 vlist, 10 rule, 506 local_par, 1 dir, 2532 glue, 4 kern, 505 
penalty, 4551 glyph, 1042 attribute, 63 glue_spec, 1042 attribute_list, 2 temp,
 1 if_stack nodes
   avail lists: 1:1,2:8,3:493,4:1,5:14,6:490,7:6873,9:1010
Output written on wheel_primestopdf_v.pdf (16818 pages, 63100748 bytes).
Transcript written on wheel_primestopdf_v.log.

real	14m30.727s
user	14m12.666s
sys	0m6.963s

The last included prime was146,169,497

This run was done with the primes already available in an external input « text » file (one prime per line). This external file of circa 500Mo costed last week about 10mn30s to produce on my machine (old 2Ghz ) (about 6mns to compute the prime fontdimen array, and about 5mns to convert it into the file with explicit digits).

The above interrupted PDF opens in my pdf viewerafter a somewhat longish wait... and I sadly discover on page 11759 that once primes exceed 100,000,000, they overlap due to there not being enough rooms in the columns. As I did not adujst appropriately the page margins...

Anyway, nice that I could CTRL-C the lualatex job and get a working pdf. 
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