[luatex] about calling of \everypar command after end of the list.

Alexander Kozlovskiy k.sasha1994 at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 23 17:35:44 CEST 2020

hello everybody. Several month ago i have a problem with \everypar 
command,which not calls after end of the list. You can see this question 
Now it seems,what it works ok,but i need in explanation of this 
code,because i not understood some moments. Below you will see this 
code. You can see almost this code if you go to link,which was above. As 
i wrote,i have several question to this code.

1. Why latex after end of the list ignore \everypar command? Where i can 
find the sources of \list and \endlist command,to see this moment?

2. As i understood,\newtoks command create a new token. If it's true,why 
we should create \everypar token again,because \everypar token list now 
exists,but without it my code not works.

3. What means \the command. without \the i get an error,so i want to 
clarify for future,what do command \the.

4. Why after end of list latex not use \everypar command,but use 
\myeverypar command. Why this happens?

5. As i understood,\newtoks command haven't any analog in expl3?

Thank you very much for your explanation,because i want to 
understood,how it works.

\newcommand{\logging}{[here]\message{new paragraph}}
\item test
\item new test


New test

test again
\item test

new test again

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