[luatex] append_to_vlist_filter gobbles the baselineskip

Manfred Meyer manfred.meyer2001 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 10:59:45 CET 2020

Hi all,

The callback append_to_vlist_filter seems to gobble the baselineskip
glue in the following example. How can I fix it?

Thanks - Manfred

\baselineskip = 20pt
    function appendtovlistfilter(b, l, p, m)
        b_id      = b.id
        b_subtype = b.subtype
        print(' box id: ' .. b_id .. ', box subtype: ' .. b_subtype ..
', locationcode: ' .. l ..
              ', prevdepth: ' .. p .. ', mirrored: ' .. tostring(m))
        return b, p
    cb_id = callback.register("append_to_vlist_filter", appendtovlistfilter)

As any dedicated reader can clearly see, the Ideal of practical reason is a
representation of, as far as I know, the things in themselves; as I have shown
elsewhere, the phenomena should only be used as a canon for our understanding.
The paralogisms of practical reason are what first give rise to the
of practical reason. As will easily be shown in the next section, reason would
thereby be made to contradict, in view of these considerations, the Ideal of
practical reason, yet the manifold depends on the phenomena. Necessity depends
on, when thus treated as the practical employment of the never-ending regress
in the series of empirical conditions, time. Human reason depends on our sense
perceptions, by means of analytic unity. There can be no doubt that the objects
in space and time are what first give rise to human reason.


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