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Nicolas Holzschuch Nicolas.Holzschuch at inria.fr
Wed Sep 4 15:57:26 CEST 2019


> On 4 Sep 2019, at 15:13, Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Sep 2019 at 14:04, Dr Eberhard Lisse wrote:
>> Install Homebrew and pull it from there.
> First of all, this still won't work on iOS as requested in the title.

There is not, to the best of my knowledge, an official release of luatex for iOS, where one could just donwload binaries.

There are many reasons for that, one of them being that you cannot just execute binaries on iOS (you need to sign them, and you also need an external architecture or application around them, to provide the interface between the user and the system). 

If we are talking about a jailbroken iOS device, merely downloading the luatex source and compiling it on the device works, with a few adjustments. You would also need to download and install a full TeX distribution. 

If we are talking about a non-jailbroken device, there are several terminal emulators, that are open-source: 
- Blink (https://github.com/blinksh/blink)
- OpenTerm (https://github.com/louisdh/openterm)
- LibTerm (https://github.com/ColdGrub1384/LibTerm)
- a-Shell (https://github.com/holzschu/a-shell -- iOS 13 only)

All of them work in the same way: Unix binaries are replaced with dynamic libraries (Frameworks, if you want to get technical), and the application calls at runtime the main() function from the corresponding dynamic library. 

Enabling luatex for one of these applications will require :
- downloading the source code
- downloading the (compiled) luatex frameworks from https://github.com/holzschu/lib-tex/releases or compile them yourself from https://github.com/holzschu/lib-tex
- adding the frameworks to the application source, compiling and installing on your iOS device (this step requires a Mac and Xcode). 

Not as simple as using homebrew, but not too difficult. 
You will still need to download an entire TeX distribution. Michael Goerz has a step-by-step tutorial for this: https://michaelgoerz.net/notes/editing-latex-on-the-ipad-with-ivim.html

Without an Apple Developer license ($99/year) you will have to reinstall every week.

TeXtonic (http://TeXtonic.app) is an iOS app that has been approved for TestFlight recently (yesterday). It has lualatex included. You can apply for beta-testing by sending a DM to @TeXtonicapp on twitter.

a-Shell is approved for TestFlight, and the next release will have TeX, including luatex. You can apply for beta-testing by sending an e-mail to another_shell at icloud.com 

Hope this helps,
Nicolas Holzschuch

> Second, HB is just fetching MacTeX which is both old(ish) and gigantic
> (4 GB compressed). If one is fine with both, one can just as well
> install MacTeX directly. (Or BasicTeX. Or TeX Live with arbitrary
> package / scheme selection.)
> If one just needs the latest version of luatex, installing HB might be
> a bit of an overkill.
> That said, just fetching luatex in isolation is probably going to be
> of very limited use to anyone.
> Mojca
>> On 02/08/2019 07:55, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>>> On Thu, 1 Aug 2019 at 23:09, Jonas Trautner
>>> <jonas.trautner at chemie.uni-regensburg.de>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Good evening together,
>>>> I’ve actually got a problem with the LuaTex Download for Mac (intel).
>>>> The Download Link
>>>> http://minimals.contextgarden.net/current/bin/luatex/osx-intel/bin is
>>>> not working.  Can anybody help?
>>> It's http://minimals.contextgarden.net/current/bin/luatex/osx-64/bin/
>>> (but probably not working on iOS).
>>> Did you get the link from http://www.luatex.org/download.html?  Hans,
>>> can you please fix those links.  We removed ppc and 32-bit intel
>>> binaries.
>>> Mojca

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