[luatex] Hyphenation of \verb in LuaLaTeX 1.0.x

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 13:39:45 CET 2017

On 5 March 2017 at 12:32, Isaac Sánchez Barrera <isaac at isb1009.es> wrote:
> Interesting... For some reason, I thought \ttfamily was also hyphenated
> except when in \verb. I suppose the "canonical" way in fontspec is to set
> HyphenChar to None. But I think I'd like \ttfamily to be hyphenated, so

the usual default so far in latex is that monospace fonts have
hyohenation disabled, although that
isn't always what is wanted, certainly.

> maybe setting \verbatim at font following your answer in
> <http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/91308/117845> is what would work best for
> me:
> \makeatletter
> \newlanguage\no at hy
> \renewcommand*\verbatim at font{\ttfamily\language=\no at hy}
> \makeatother

yes we were discussing in chat whether verb should do that. babel has
a `none` language already set up for that
but the format doesn't normally assume babel. It would be possible to
use an unallocated language slot actually
in internal code (\count19+1 is the next language that would be
allocated) or we could allocate as you suggest.

> Should we file a bug in fontspec so that HyphenChar=None is the default
> setting in \setmonofont?

You could, at least to give a URL to reference in any change, although
Will is on this list so has seen this already:-)

> Isaac

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