[luatex] Misplaced letter

Javier Bezos listas at tex-tipografia.com
Sat Dec 16 13:50:45 CET 2017

 From a practical point of view, are there any differences in
the two following node lists? (I think their meaning is
obvious, but note your e-mail client could be reordering
the final [14]):

[9][0]<+TRT>برهن <+TLT>rrr 1234<-TLT> برهن<-TRT>[14]

[9][0]برهن <+TLT>rrx 1234<-TLT> برهن[14]

The first one renders correctly the text, while the second one
doesn't. So, I'm wondering if I can write a workaround for this
bug based on this idea (ie, wrapping the whole paragraph with
explicit node dirs before the fontloader - my first basic
tests worked).

I was finishing babel 3.16 and I'm preparing a sample Arabic
document with tocs, sections, captions, etc., and I'm stuck,
which is a pity, because the layout works like a charm.


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