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Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at t-online.de
Sun Dec 3 12:47:19 CET 2017

Am 03.12.2017 um 10:19 schrieb Knut Petersen:

> [...]  and/or does anyone know a solution of the "temorarily disable inputenc" problem?

I found out how to temporarily disable inputenc:

    % \stopUTFeight temporarily disables inputenc to handle 2-byte utf8 codes
    % \restartUTFeight temporarily reenables inputencs handling of 2-byte utf8 codes
    % \savedUTFviii contains the original definition of \UTFviii at two@octets
    \let\savedUTFviii\UTFviii at two@octets
    \def\stopUTFeight{\gdef\UTFviii at two@octets##1##2{##1\string##2}}
    \def\restartUTFeight{\global\let\UTFviii at two@octets\savedUTFviii}

Of course that does not handle the longer codes, but adding those is easy if they are needed.


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