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Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at t-online.de
Sun Dec 3 10:19:08 CET 2017

Am 01.12.2017 um 15:44 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:
> This has also already been discussed in tex.sx
> https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/258127/why-lualatex-gives-erorr-too-many-open-files-but-pdflatex-does-not-on-same-lat

Thanks for that link.

I tested pdflatex with a 100.000 lines input and found that pdftex correctly included all the 14.000+ pdfs it was expected to include.


  * pdflatex works correctly,
  * xelatex breaks after 5.000 included pdfs,
  * lualatex breaks after whatever the soft limit for file descriptors is set to.

luatex is the only engine that keeps all included pdfs open, and this is known since at least 2015.
I think this is a serious regression compared to pdflatex.

Increasing the fd limit beyond 1024 does not help in  my case (see this message on bug-lilypond <http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-lilypond/2017-11/msg00038.html>).
I could use pdflatex ... if I would know how to temporarily disable and reenable inputenc.
Lilypond is a music engraving program, it expects utf8 input. I use something like

    \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % Needed if pdflatex is used
    [ ...
    Code to implement the lilyfrag environment
           - writes the content of a lilyfrag environment to a lilypond source file,
           - executes lilypond using write18 and
           - includes the pdfs produced by lilypond
    \begin{lilyfrag}{10 cm}{18 cm}
       % needs to be written to an utf8 encoded file
         \relative c'{ c d e f g a h c }
         \addlyrics { utf8 Lyrics }

Is there any chance that lualatex will be fixed soon and/or does anyone know a solution of the "temorarily disable inputenc" problem?

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