[luatex] Two likely related problems with non-western scripts

Hironori KITAGAWA h_kitagawa2001 at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Apr 24 05:16:38 CEST 2016

Hello Rembrandt,

> Problem 1: whenever luatexja and relatives are included, the
> compilation stops with the message below, hitting return gives the
> same message again, then hitting return again continues compilation. If the
> typeface is Kozuka Mincho, the compilation runs to the end.
> luaotfload | resolve : method "tex" resolved "cmtt9" -> cmtt9
> (cmtt9.tfm)...6/texmf-dist/tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-basic-merged.lua:2578:
> bad argument
> #1 to 'open' (string expected, got nil).
> <to be read again>
> \global
> l.34 \newtoks\@bannertoken

This error is resolved in the development version of LuaTeX-ja.
Please replace ltj-jfont.lua with the one from

In TL2016 pretest (April 23), I encountered another problem with LuaTeX-ja
(Fullwidth parentheses '(' and ')' are misplaced). I'm looking into this.


Hironori KITAGAWA <h_kitagawa2001 at yahoo.co.jp>

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