[luatex] a question about the names \Umathcharnumdef etc

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Fri Oct 16 09:47:19 CEST 2015

Am Thu, 15 Oct 2015 18:18:58 +0100 schrieb David Carlisle:

>> or perhaps \Umathcharnumdef was always ok ?
> yes, it was, the Umath... commands were always available with their
> basic luatex names and also prefixed luatex.

That's not true. In a texlive 2012




> \Umathcharnumdef=undefined.
l.36 \show\Umathcharnumdef

> \luatexUmathcharnumdef=\Umathcharnumdef.
l.37 \show\luatexUmathcharnumdef

>From 2013 on both are defined, in texlive 2015 and miktex only
\Umathcharnumdef is defined. In the case of miktex I have no means
to check how older lualatex.ini handled it.

Ulrike Fischer 

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