[luatex] behavior of \write in LuaTeX differs from the one of PdfTeX/XeTeX

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Wed Mar 25 21:00:25 CET 2015

Le 25 mars 2015 à 14:06, Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> a écrit :

>>> btw, you should run pdftex/xetex in -8bit mode in order to compare

Hi again,

sorry if this follow-up threatens to bring the thread off-list but
out of curiosity

where is the -8bit option documented? all info I could get is from

pdftex --help

-8bit                   make all characters printable by default

man pdftex did not bring anything, and in the PdfTeX pdftex-a.pdf
a search for 8bit does not bring anything either

I am not sure I understand what "make all characters printable by default"
says exactly. I know now that a catcode 12 ^^M will be printed as
character with ascii code 13, is that all there is to it? and how does
that related to "8bit" ?



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