[luatex] "new" pdftex compatibility commands.

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 21:35:31 CET 2015

The 0.85 luatex manual lists several \edef that can be used to emulate
pdftex primitives in terms of the new \pdfvariable and friends.

Included in the list are


which don't appear to be defined in pdftex.

The first one is documented as being new

> An extra \pdfimageaddfilename option has been added that can be used to
block writing the filename to the pdf file.

But the other three, that is \pdfvariable
[replacefont|xformattr|xformresources] don't appear to be documented at all?

Could you confirm if this is new functionality (and if so what? I could
guess some from the name, but...:-) or is it
existing pdftex functionality but there is a name change from the old
pdftex versions (if so I missed this scanning the two manuals)


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