[luatex] latest round of updates to fontspec and related packages seems to disable ligatures in Opentype fonts

Mico Loretan mico.loretan at mac.com
Wed May 15 00:26:40 CEST 2013


I'm running MacTeX2013 pre-release, on a system running MacOSX 10.7.5. I've installed all the latest packages via tlmgr through this morning. The header line from the .log file says:

     This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.76.0-2013051018 (rev 4627)  (format=lualatex 2013.5.12)  

Consider the following MWE; Garamond Premier Pro is a system font distributed with Macs:

  \setmainfont[Ligatures={Common,Rare}]{Garamond Premier Pro}
  off fit fly office baffle 

  act stab spoon 

Since running the latest round of updates on all packages, neither the "common" ligatures (see the words in the first line after \begin{document} nor the "rare" ligatures (the following line) are being produced any longer. This problem also occurs if I use the font "Sabon Next LT Pro Regular". 

In contrast, if I use the font "EB Garamond" (a "free" opentype font(), the common ligatures are generated but *not* the rare ones. Finally, if I use "Latin Modern Roman", the common ligatures are also produced correctly; of course, Latin Modern doesn't feature "rare" ligatures, so I can't tell if the problem with rare ligatures not being produced extends to Latin Modern Roman...

I've never experienced a problem like this before. Are there some font cache file I need to wipe out and rebuild, or is the problem seated at some deeper, darker level?

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