[luatex] detailed 'diagnostic' of MikTeX/Lua*/fontspec issues

Evan Cooch evan.cooch at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 22:14:16 CEST 2013

Hello -- replied embedded below.

On 6/29/2013 3:56 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> Hi Evan!
> ···<date: 2013-06-29, Saturday>···<from: Evan Cooch>···
>> For a variety of reasons, luaotfload doesn't 'find' fonts in TEXMF,
>> so you need to hack lualibs-dir.lua, as per
>> http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/47156/luaotfload-cant-find-fonts
>> Basically, you add
>> P("(")  / "%%(" +
>> P(")")  / "%%)" +
> That modifies the globbing mechanism globally which is not a good
> idea because other packages might depend on its exact behavior.

Fair enough, but without this hack, or something analogous, you can't 
use fonts in TEXMF (at least, for the next to most recent version of 

> That won’t have any effect as the file isn’t loaded directly but
> rather as part of a combined version of all the libraries; see
> the manual. Also, since a good deal of the required functionality
> comes prepackaged in the fontloader, luaotfload does not anymore
> load the lualibs during a Luatex run. (luaotfload-tool does,
> though.) Instead, there’s a separate version of l-dir named
> luaotfload-lib-dir.lua, so you’ll have to patch that one too.

Ah, didn't know that (I suspect its not common knowledge). I'll give 
that a try...

Making the change didn't solve the problem. luaotfload-tool --update 
--force still exits before completion.

>> t
> Not a luaotfload thing, as I wrote previously, this could be a
> buggy font. Does it terminate correctly if you run:
>      luaotfload-tool --update --force --verbose=5 --dry-run
> ?

No -- with or without the --dry-run flag, it terminates. The termination 
always occurs after it has started scanning my working directory (which 
happens to be the Desktop for my account, which again is an admin account).

>> But, if I try luaotfload-tool -vv, it doesn't actually print out any
>> loaded fonts.  luaotfload-tool -f doesn't do anything either.
> “-vv” is synonymous with --verbose=2; “-f” is --force and has no
> meaning with out --update. The arguments are documented in the
> manpage.

Sorry, my mistake.

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