[luatex] luaotfload problems (MiKTeX/Windows 7)

Evan Cooch evan.cooch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 12:54:26 CEST 2013

I have a query which *may* be related to this thread - apologies if not.

On 7/3/2013 4:33 AM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> H
> Second, and this is a bigger problem, when using MiKTeX (x64), the
> location of the cache is not properly resolved (i.e. luaotfload
> tries using the undefined $TEXMFCACHE, instead of trying $TEXMFVAR,
> and the database ends up in the working folder). This, naturally,
> isn't a problem with TeX Live, and since I have the two
> distributions installed in parallel, I can confirm that everything
> works with it (so presumably the problem is not due to some
> peculiarity of my system).
> W

I did a MikTeX 2.9  install for 'just' me W9n 7, 32-bit MikTeX), updated 
everything, an all seems to work, but with a behaviour I think is either 
'strange', or 'a problem'.

Specifically, if I try to compile something using lualatex in 
\directory\abc, then the first time I compile the file, luaotfload 
complains about not finding the font database, and then proceeds to 
generate a new one, which is puts in a new subidrectory 
\directory\abc\$TEXMFCACHE, In %TECMFCACHE there is a subdirectory 
called luatex-cache, which contains the generic subdirectory, which 
(finally) contains the names and fonts subdirectories. Now, afte the 
initial comile, then when I re-compile that or any other .tex file in  
\directory\abc, it compiles fine, and doesn't recreate the fonts DB. If 
the file I'm compiling uses a 'new' font, luaotfload recognizes this, 
and then updates the font DB in $TEXMFCACHE, in that directory. So, all 
seems to work...

  ...but, why is $TEXMFCACHE created in each working directory? Why 
isn't it put in some global subdirectory thats in the path, so that it 
isn't recreated everyt time to start working from a new directory (and 
so I don't have $TEXMFCACHE directories all over the place)? Whats 
strange is that when I look at  my user directory (c:\users\egc), I see 
that $TEXMFCACHE is/was created at some point. And while 
C:\Users\egc\$TEXMFCACHE does contain a luatex-cache\generic 
subdirectory, C:\Users\egc\$TEXMFCACHE\luatex-cache\generic contains 
only a names subdirectory (no fonts subdirectory), and \names is empty.

Is this normal behaviour, or a 'bug' for MikTeX installs? Or something 
else altogether?

As I said, things are working fine, but it puzzles me why $TEXMFCACHE is 
being generated for each working directory where I have .tex files I'm 
compiling with lualatex.

Thanks in advance...
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