[luatex] luaotfload problems (MiKTeX/Windows 7)

Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Jul 3 10:33:38 CEST 2013

Hi Jura!

···<date: 2013-07-02, Tuesday>···<from: Jura Pintar>···

> Dear all,
> After thinking about it a bit, I see that there are two different
> problems with luaotfload on my machine.
> First, it seems to hang on particular paths that might have
> something weird going on with them; this isn't such a big deal, as
> long as we avoid putting our working directories in odd places.
> Second, and this is a bigger problem, when using MiKTeX (x64), the
> location of the cache is not properly resolved (i.e. luaotfload
> tries using the undefined $TEXMFCACHE, instead of trying $TEXMFVAR,
> and the database ends up in the working folder). This, naturally,
> isn't a problem with TeX Live, and since I have the two
> distributions installed in parallel, I can confirm that everything
> works with it (so presumably the problem is not due to some
> peculiarity of my system).
> When the code
> local cachepaths=kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFCACHE') or ""
>   if cachepaths=="" then
> cachepaths=kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFVAR') or ""
>   end
> if cachepaths=="" then
>   cachepaths=kpse.expand_var('$VARTEXMF') or ""
> end
> if cachepaths=="" then
>   cachepaths="."
> end
> in luaotfload-merged.lua and/or luaotfload-basics-gen.lua is
> replaced with the legacy code
>   local cachepaths
>   if kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFCACHE')~='$TEXMFCACHE' then
>     cachepaths=kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFCACHE')
>   elseif kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFVAR')~='$TEXMFVAR' then
>     cachepaths=kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFVAR')
>   end
>   if not cachepaths then
>     cachepaths="."
>   end

This one avoids an extra call (please test):

  local cachepaths = kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFCACHE')
  if cachepaths == "$TEXMFCACHE" then
    cachepaths = kpse.expand_var('$TEXMFVAR')
  if cachepaths == "$TEXMFVAR" then
    cachepaths = kpse.expand_var('$VARTEXMF')

Thanks for bringing that to my attention; I’ve forwarded your bug
report to Hans.

I think I’ll upload a fixed version to CTAN this week.

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