[luatex] node list

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Nov 28 20:35:13 CET 2012

Am 28.11.2012 19:44, schrieb Paul Isambert:

>> callback.register("post_linebreak_filter",checknode,"checknode")}
> callback.register takes only two arguments.

yes, my fault. I copied the code from my LuaLaTeX source with the
function luatexbase.add_to_callback

>>      head=node.insert_after(head,head,n)
>> if I want to insert the new glyph node bwtween existing nodes?
> More clearly:
>    head = node.insert_after(a, b, c)
> to insert c after b in the list whose head is a (actually any node in
> that list).

 From what is written in the manual I thought that


should also work, but it didn't.

>> And am i right, that the prev field from node n is missing, but
>> doesn't hurt in this case? I know, that I can set it.
> Actually it IS set (try "print(n.prev)"), and I'm surprised myself,

Me too, because the manual say that it is not set.


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