[luatex] \font primitive does not read otf file

Petr Olsak petr at olsak.net
Fri Dec 7 07:48:29 CET 2012

>> This ``hack'' is used in mostly all TeX sources (--- gives emdash)
>> so no only Computer Modern fonts have these ligatures.
>> Mostly all tfm's includes this ``hack''.
>> The change from tfm's to direct OTF loading is no reason to name
>> this as ``hack''. Note that I am using this ``hack'' in my email for
>> quoting.

These my words were intended only to you, not to the email list, because 
it is out of topic. Never mind, let we discuss about it.

> Which somehow makes it less hakish? The proper characters are ...
> just use them. It is 2012 after all, the 7-bit constrains that
> Knuth had 30 years ago no longer exist.

In 2012, on my keyboard, I am unable to find the characters you mentioned.

This Knuth's message from 30 years ago is still applicable today. It is 
ergonomic, visible, robust and understandable. You can use real alpha 
instead of \alpha etc., but you need to use some mouse activies or some 
invisible editor-dependent shorthands. This is demonstration of the 
unanderstanding of the principles of TeX. If you insist on the usage of 
these real characters in TeX (and derivatives), you are on your own.
This will work if UTF8 input is proper configured. But this is no reason 
of refusing the good principles from 30 years ago.


Petr Olsak

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