[luatex] \U*spacing and pointer

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Sat May 21 10:13:58 CEST 2011

Le 20/05/2011 10:38, luigi scarso a écrit :
> On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 6:48 AM, Paul Isambert<zappathustra at free.fr>  wrote:
>> That's not the answer I expected, Luigi.
> I understand.
>> I was rather expecting something
>> along the lines of: YES YOU'RE RIGHT! EVERYBODY TO THE WIKI!
> Yes, and it's not my point of view.
> Let's say that between wikipedia and
> scholarpedia  I choose the last one, at least until now and for luatex
> (for  LuaLaTeX and ConTeXt MkIV things are different).
> And, following this way,  I find natural  to see you  as a kind of
> editor/reviewer of contributions
> (as a sort of PractTeX journal but for wiki) and maybe even stimulate
> selected contributors.

Well, no thank you. Not that I dislike Scholarpedia and have faith in 
the ``true democracy'' of Wikipedia, but simply the wiki is not mine and 
I don't want it to be.

The thing is I believe people willing to write for the wiki are advanced 
users anyway. So by advertising the wiki here I am kind of stimulating 
selected contributors, because well-informed people post here. There are 
also questions by not-so-advanced users, but I doubt they'll want to 
write for the wiki; but if they do, that might still be a valid 
contribution (actually it would be encouraging: no need to be a wizard 
to profit from LuaTeX). Comprehensive articles on a subject are one 
thing, small pages with simple things are another, of no less value.

Anyway I will correct/edit articles if necessary, but as an ordinary 
user (not an editor).

>> Kind of trying to advertise the thing a little bit :)
>> --
> Again, I understand and in some sense it's true ---
> my talk at EuroTeX meeting was about "here the news: LuaTeX. Look at
> what you can do with it".  I'm still following this way, but it's not
> strictly about LuaTeX, it's more about applications (and I feel
> comfortable with MkIV, then).

I have encouraged articles to be low-level and to ignore formats. Since 
I am *not* an editor but just a user, this point of view can be 
disagreed with, or even ignored altogether. So anything dealing with 
LuaTeX is welcome on the wiki, even though some loud-mouthed plain TeX 
user (i.e. me) says otherwise. (Let's recall that the wiki was set up by 
Taco in the first place, then populated by Patrick with articles from 

What I wonder sometimes is whether wikis work for TeX; mailing lists or 
similar are quite active, but the only wiki I know of is ConTeXt garden, 
and I'd like to know if it is much read or not.
Perhaps TeX works better with big comprehensive books + fast Q&A (i.e. 
mailing lists), but perhaps I'm completely wrong here.


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