[luatex] Callbacks in the wiki.

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Mon Jan 17 18:14:04 CET 2011

Le 17/01/2011 15:13, Patrick Gundlach a écrit :
> Hello Paul,
> first: good suggestion, could you write this down somewhere in the wiki? Perhaps at the discussion page of the Callbacks page?

Good idea, I've done it.

>>   By the way, Patrick, would you mind if I rewrote your page so that it doesn't depend on LaTeX and uses callback.register instead of luatexbase? (I know it's a wiki, I'm not supposed to ask for permission, but I think that'd be quite rude.)
> Of course. The reason why I chose LaTeX was the different to plain LuaTeX  "add to callback" mechanism of LuaLaTeX. I'll move that to another page ("Using callbacks in LaTeX" or so).

Actually, what you've written isn't LaTeX-specific, since luatexbase 
works with plain TeX too; what Is think should be avoided is such things 
as \documentclass, unrelated to LuaTeX (I've made this clearer in the 
discussion page). And using callback.register() instead of luatexbase 
functions is just a way to document LuaTeX's core specifically (although 
I think an article on how to augment that core, with things like 
luatexbase or others, would be very good).


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