[luatex] Callbacks in the wiki.

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Mon Jan 17 13:47:39 CET 2011

Hello all,

Since callbacks are among LuaTeX's best features, but also the least 
understood, I've written a general introduction on the wiki 
(http://wiki.luatex.org/index.php/Callbacks). Most importantly, I've 
listed all callbacks, with the name being links to pages with the same 
title. For the moment, all links but one (to Patrick's code) are red, 
because no such pages exist, but it'd be nice if we could write a 
dedicated page for each callback, with at least one simple example (ok, 
perhaps we can make an exception for "find_sfd_file").

I'd recommend the following guidelines (open to discussion, obviously):

- Let a page's title be the name of the callback it describes, so it is 
automatically linked to the page I've created. Otherwise (as I've done 
with Patrick's page), modify the link I've created from 
[[callback_name]] to [[page_title|callback_name]].

- Link all pages on callbacks to this general introduction, which should 
gather general information about callbacks (e.g. no need to reexplain 
callback.register() on each page).

- Make code low-level, which means: no format-specific trick, and 
nothing but callback.register() (we can redirect to the general 
introduction for discussion about the limitations of 
callback.register()). By the way, Patrick, would you mind if I rewrote 
your page so that it doesn't depend on LaTeX and uses callback.register 
instead of luatexbase? (I know it's a wiki, I'm not supposed to ask for 
permission, but I think that'd be quite rude.)

- I'd also make a plea for /commented/ code, not pure code (that's why I 
think pages imported from bluwiki should be rewritten or replaced), 
although I'll admit pure code is better than no code.

I think that could turn into a nice knowledge base.
And now the dreaded acronym: WDYT?

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