[luatex] Hyphenation in plain TeX

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 09:47:02 CEST 2010

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 09:31, Paul Isambert wrote:
> In TeXLive at least, comparing the files \input in luatex.ini and pdftex.ini
> doesn't reveal any difference with respect to that. Actually LuaTeX loads
> etex.src and plain.tex, like pdfTeX, and differences elsewhere seem
> immaterial. I can't find any LuaTeX-specific version of plain.

There is a modified version of etex.src and hyphen.cfg in
tex/luatex/hyph-utf8. (But I won't pretend that I understand it ...)

The modification has been done by Élie Roux, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard
and Khaled Hosny.


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