[luatex] Cyrillic in \directlua0

shiva shavrin.ivan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 17:54:17 CET 2010

Thanks to all.

Patrick, your sample is work, but if I correctly understood, it's not
"true way".

Arthur, thanks to. I will try to play with luaotfload.

2010/3/27 Arthur Reutenauer <arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org>:
>>                                                   Is someone able and
>> willing to explain what the original post was supposed to (and failed)
>> do?
>  Basically, it used the good ol' 8-bit LaTeX tricks to map an input
> encoding to a font encoding : Unicode character -> LaTeX internal
> character control sequence -> 8-bit font slot (via fontenc).  That's
> what Lua saw (\T2A\CYRZ, etc.)
>  Ivan, you shouldn't use fontenc at all with LuaTeX, it doesn't work.
> Use luaotfload to load an OpenType font, and simply type in UTF-8.
> luainputenc is useless in that case, since input is always in UTF-8.
>        Arthur

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