[luatex] problem with slnunicode's find

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Mar 3 08:55:02 CET 2010

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> So if it is a replacement, changing the find function would break
> everything that deals with binary data. Please let's not easily call
> the unicode library broken, because it is a design decision that has
> been made and for me it makes perfectly sense. ...
> And yes, if it is *not* meant as a replacement, than I can understand
> that this opens questions. But then find should not allow bytes in
> the pattern and should raise an error.
> Patrick
> (trying to avoid a heated discussion)

Can any remaining discussion be moved to the lua list at
lua at bazar2.conectiva.com.br please? There are no selene developers
on the luatex list, and we are not going to patch the library either.

Best wishes,

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