[luatex] some bits of opentype math testing

ulrik.vieth at arcor.de ulrik.vieth at arcor.de
Mon Jul 26 16:35:03 CEST 2010

Hi folks,

following the feedback and answers already received,
let me try to summarize the status of the reported issues.

Regards, Ulrik

Rendering issues (ConTeXt):

- \hbar/\hslash -> open, mapping issue in Lua tables
- prime.ssty substitution -> already fixed in ConTeXt beta

Rendering issues (LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX):

- \hbar/\hslash -> open, mapping issue in LaTeX tables

Rendering issues (LuaLaTeX):

- Asana-Math and Cambria-Math displaystyle integrals too small
  -> known font bug, already patched in ConTeXt (font-pat.lua)
  -> still open, to be fixed in luaotfload

Rendering issues (ConTeXt and LuaLaTeX):

- Asana-Math displaystyle delimiters appear in extensible version
  -> open, unresolved, possibly also a font bug

Font loading issues (ConTeXt):

- euler.otf not found by luatoos/context in texmf-local tree
  -> open, unresolved

Font loading issues (LuaLaTeX):

- cambria.ttc not found in fonts/opentype, only in fonts/truetype
  -> known TL/Kpathsea issue -> deferred till next year

Font loading issues (XeLaTeX):

- Asana.otf vs. Asana.ttf mixed up in PDF generation
  -> known XeTeX engine issue -> deferred till next year

Font issues: 

- missing glyphs (\hslash, bold \nabla) in Neo-Euler 
  -> open, logged as tracker issue

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