[luatex] LuaTeX file almost 2.5x bigger

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Aug 5 13:42:51 CEST 2010


On 08/05/2010 01:30 PM, Paul Isambert wrote:
> ... it seems to me that hz can be spotted when comparing
> narrow paragraphs with and without it (something in the text's color, although I
> might be cheating myself here);

I can indeed sometimes notice font expansion in hardcopy precisely
because it subtly alters the text color. In cases where there would not
have been overfull boxes in the text anyway, then the simple fact that
I am able to 'see' the effects of font expansion itself renders it
worthless: it makes the text font look slightly out of focus (or
something like that, I do not know a proper word).

It seems this effect is at its worst at 1200dpi, probably because of
some interference with font hinting technology. But of course this is
not really a hz problem, just a side-effect of the pseudo-hz implemented
in pdftex/luatex.

>>>> He also suggested that stretching lines vertically in order to get rid
>>>> of widow lines was probably more effective.
>>> This is a nice idea (as long as you're not interested in grid typesetting).
>>> Although with 40 lines per page, say, you'd need to stretch by a bit more
>>> than 2.5%, which seems a little high. Perhaps you'd stretch by 1% in
>>> combination with reducing the interline space to achieve the rest.
>> The assumption was that no one notices. And of course spreads should
>> then align.
> Pages on the same leaf wouldn't align though. It depends on the paper, but
> sometimes it's annoying

Right, on thin paper, the shine-throughs would not align. Not a big
deal for academic papers with lots of sectioning and displays where
each page is sort of messy anyway, but disastrous in novels.

Best wishes,

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